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Rotary District 7610 includes 58 clubs and over 1,960 members in North and Central Virginia


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File Name
AG Job Description 2016-17.pdf
Annual Giving Subcommittee D.pdf
7610 Clubs .pdf
District Leaders and Committees D.pdf
Interact Chair D.pdf
Historian D.pdf
Global Grants Chair D.pdf
Foundation Treasurer D.pdf
Foundation Newsletter Editor D.pdf
Finance Chair-Committee D.pdf
Endowment Chair.pdf
District Treasurer D.pdf
District Secretary Job Description D.pdf
District Photographer D.pdf
District Membership Chair D.pdf
International Service D.pdf
District Grants Chair D.pdf
Council on Legislation Representative D.pdf
All-Grants Chair D.pdf
Area Foundation Advisor D.pdf
Area Public Image Advisor D.pdf
Awards Chair D.pdf
Area Membership Advisor D.pdf
DRFC D.pdf
District Club Mailing Addresses 2020-2021.csv
District Club Mailing Addresses 2020-2021.docx
District Club Mailing Addresses 2020-2021.pdf
District Club Mailing Addresses 2020-2021.xlsx
District Disaster Relief Chair D.pdf
Personnel Chair & Committee D.pdf
Short Term Exchange Coordinator D.pdf
Scholarship Chair D.pdf
Rotaract Chair D.pdf
RYLA Chair D.pdf
RLI District Chair D.pdf
Public Image Chair D.pdf
PolioPlus Chair.pdf
Parlimentarian D.pdf
Peace Fellowships Chair D.pdf
Newsletter Publisher D.pdf
Newsletter Editor D.pdf
Membership Extension Chair and Committee.pdf
Major Gifts Chair.pdf
Long Term Exchange Coordinator D.pdf
Logistics Chair D.pdf
Lieutenant Governor D.pdf
Paul Harris Society Chair and Committee D.pdf
Web Master D.pdf
Youth Protection Officer D.pdf
Youth Exchange Chairman D.pdf
Youth Contest Chair D.pdf
Social Media Chair D.pdf
Vocational Training Teams D.pdf
Training Committee Chair D.pdf
Strategic Planning Chair & Committee D.pdf
Stewardship Chair.pdf
Sergeant-at-Arms D.pdf
Youth Service Chair D.pdf

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