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Rotary District 7610 includes 58 clubs and over 1,960 members in North and Central Virginia


Rotary Global Grants support large, long-term impact activities that relate to one or more of the seven areas of focus.


Global grants can fund:

    • Humanitarian projects
    • Scholarships for graduate-level academic studies
    • Vocational training teams, which are groups of professionals who travel abroad either to teach local professionals about their field or to learn more about it themselves

When developing grant-funded activities, successful grant projects and applications will:

    • Be sustainable.
    • with measurable goals and outcomes.
    • Meet real community needs.
    • Sponsored by two Rotary clubs or districts.
    • Joint partner participation in planning and implementation, including frequent communication and shared responsibility.
    • Demonstrate practice of proper Grant Stewardship of grant funds.

Global Grants Case Studies


The minimum award by The World Fund for a global grant is US$15,000. This then results in a minimum total financing of US$30,000. The World Fund award is based on a 80% match of DDF ($0.80:$1.00) or a 50% match of cash contributions ($0.50:$1:00).

Business Cycle

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. A two-step online application process will be accessible via My Rotary. Prior to submission of a proposal, a club must submit a draft to the Grants Chair for Grant Committee approval.


Click here to learn more and to apply for global grants

Once a proposal has been accepted, Rotarians will submit an online application that provides the Foundation with more detailed grant activity and budget information. (Depending on the award amount or complexity of the project, the Foundation may request additional details). Club and district-developed global grants of $100,000 or more require the Trustees’ approval.


Once an application has been approved by the Foundation, both sponsors have authorized the agreement, and all associated cash contributions have been received, the Foundation will issue a payment.


Reports showing measurable success of the grant activity will be due to the Foundation every 12 months from the first issued payment. A final report is due when the grant funds have been completely spent and the objectives of the activity have been met.