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Rotary District 7610 includes 58 clubs and over 1,960 members in North and Central Virginia


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District Items

District Leadership Plan and Procedures Manual

Strategic Planning Guide

District Strategic Plan 2019-2022

District Bylaws


The Rotary International constitutional documents provide club and districts the foundation for RI’s policies and procedures.

  • Constitution of Rotary International (PDF)
  • Bylaws of Rotary International (PDF)
  • Standard Rotary Club Constitution (PDF)

All clubs admitted to Rotary membership must adopt this constitution.

  • Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws (Word)

Clubs can tailor these bylaws, as long as their changes align with Rotary’s constitutional documents and the Rotary Code of Policies.

2022 COL Report of Action

The Manual of Procedure offers a concise version of Rotary’s policies and procedures. The manual is geared to Rotary club and district leaders and features information that’s most relevant to their roles. It is published every three years to reflect adopted legislation and decisions of the RI conventions, the Council on Legislation, the Rotary International Board of Directors, and the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.


AG – Assistant Governor

DDF – District Designated Funds

DG – District Governor

DGE – District Governor Elect

DGN – District Governor Nominee

DSG – District Simplified Grant

EREY – Every Rotarian Every Year

FOB – Festival of Brotherhood

GETS – Governor Elect Training Seminar

GNATS – Governor Nominee Advanced Training Seminar

GSE – Group Study Exchange

MG – Matching Grant

MOP – Manual of Procedure

NID – National Immunization Day

PE – President Elect

PETS – President Elect Training Seminar

PDG – Past District Governor

PHF – Paul Harris Fellow

PN – President Nominee

RINO – Rotary in name only

RI – Rotary International

RIMC – Rotary International Membership Coordinator

RID – Rotary International Director

RIP – Rotary International President

PRID – Past Rotary International Director

PRIP – Past Rotary International President

RIPE – Rotary International President Elect

RRFC – Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator

RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Award

TRF – The Rotary Foundation

WCS – World Community Service

YE – Youth Exchange