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Rotary District 7610 includes 58 clubs and over 1,960 members in North and Central Virginia


District Awards

and the award goes to

District Awards Information


  • ALL award submissions are to be done ONLINE only. No separate files will be accepted.
  • Any additional documentation required for an award must be uploaded at the end of the file prior to submission.
  • DEADLINE for Online Submissions:  May 20th at 12:00 MIDNIGHT
  • Tier Levels (Number of members that were in your club on July 1 of this current Rotary year)
    • I: 1-30 members
    • II: 31-60 members
    • III: 61 or more members
  • Clubs will be recognized when each award’s expectations are met, and recognized with distinction when each awards expectations are exceeded.
  • Each Club may submit ONE application for each award.
  • When submitting awards, gather all your supporting documents prior to beginning the submission process.
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Special Awards

Golden Rotarian AwardTo be awarded at anytime

Peacebuilder Club Award  – Due NLT 6/1/2024

Rotary club of anytown

Awards for Rotary Clubs

Click HERE to learn more about these DONOR RECOGNITIONS

  • Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member
  • Benefactor
  • Paul Harris Fellow
  • Multiple Paul Harris Fellow
  • Bequest Society
  • Major Donor
  • Arch Klumph Society
  • Legacy Society
  • 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club
  • 100% Pau Harris Society Club
  • 100% Foundation Giving Club
  • Rotary’s Promise Cub
  • Every Rotarian, Every Year Club
  • Top Three Per Capita in Annual Fund Giving

Special opportunities are available to create an endowment or make a directed gift in your name or the name of a loved one. Endowed gifts are invested in perpetuity, with part of their earnings spent on a designated program. Directed gifts are spent in their entirety, usually in the following Rotary year.

  • Endowed Global Grant Fund
  • Named Endowment
  • Directed Gift Global Grants
  • Rotary Peace Centers Endowment Opportunities
  • Rotary Peace Centers Directed Gifts
  • Rotary Peace Symposium Directed Gifts
  • Entrepreneurial Named Gift for Peace