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2021 March 5/6 Chesapeake-PETS Resources

C-PETS 2021

March 5

Keynote speaker RIPE Shekhar Mehta

DaCdb and Rotary Club Central

District 7610 Breakout: DGE Pat Borowski’s goals for the coming Rotary Year

The Foundation

Peter Kyle: Rotary, Youth and Peace

March 6

Keynote Speaker: RIPEN Jennifer Jones

District 7610 Breakout DGE Pat Borowski Strategies for your club

* Videos courtesy Chris Zabriskie Rotary District 7620.

District-Only Session Goals PDF format
Click here to download the District-Only Session Goals file

Be a Vibrant Club PP in PDF format
Click here to download the Be a Vibrant Club file

Additional RI reference resources for you:

a. RI Manual of Procedures 2019.pdf
b. RI Code of Policies Jan 2021.pdf
c. Councils on Legislation and Resolution.docx
d. Link to RI and TRF 2020 Annual Report.docx

Rotary Action Groups
a. Rotarian Action Group Flier.pdf
b. Rotarian Action Groups Officer Directory.pdf
c. Rotarian Action Groups Annual Report.pdf
d. Rotarian Action Groups Presentation.pptx

Rotary Community Corps
a. Rotary Community Corps Brochure.pdf
b. Rotary Community Corps Handbook.pdf
c. Rotary Community Corps Constitution.pdf
d. Rotary Community Corps Bylaws.docx
e. Community Corps Organization Form.pdf
f. RCC Presentation.pptx

Rotary Fellowships
a. Rotary Fellowship Flier.pdf
b. Rotary Fellowships Annual Report.pdf
c. Rotary Fellowships Presentation.pptx

2021 PRE-PETS Information

General Course Schedule – Click here to download the 01312021 Updated Course Schedule (doc)

November 20, 2020 – Ready for Lift-Off
     Welcome to PEs (doc)
     Preparing for LIFTOFF (doc)
     LEAD YOUR CLUB (pdf)
     Rotary Code of Policies & Procedures – 09/2020 edition (pdf)
     Social Media – District 7610 (doc)
     RLI – Leadership (doc)
     Rotary Learning Center Course Catalog (pdf)

December 1, 2020 - LEADERSHIP
     Coverletter (doc)
     Article - How Leaders Prepare for the Next Phases of COVID (pdf)
     Article - Leadership (doc)

December 8 Zoom

     12/06 Zoom Reminder (pdf)

     District 7610 WELCOME with a few words on our topic, Leadership, from District Governor Harry Henderson

     PP Presentation - Dr. Deborah Jackson – Leadership (pdf)
     Zoom recording -

     How to Clear Cookies and Cached Images (pdf)
     Dr. Deborah Jackson - Former high-school principal to lead McLean Rotary (doc)


     NEXT Learning Section 2. LEADING ROTARIANS (pdf)

     Interview With Dr. Bentley Gibson -

     Rotary International announces Diversity & Equity Committee (pdf)

     Please view:
     Rotary Community Assessment Tool (pdf)

     Additional Resources:
     Assess Your Capacity for Innovation (pdf)
     Your Most Important Measurement: IMPACT (pdf)
     Leadership in Action (pdf)

December 21 Zoom

Click here to download Rotary District 7610 AG Rene Law bio (doc)
Pre-CPETS D7610 Leadership Session 2 Leading Change PPT Dec2020 (ppt)
CHAT BOX SUMMARY of comments (doc) - This is the recording of our 12/21 PRE-PETs session. Please note there was a bit of a glitch. The camera stayed on a participant for some time. You can still hear the full discussion, so please listen.

Resource documents for this subject area and Zoom are:
Leading Rotarians in Change (doc)
Rotary Leadership in Action (pdf)
Rotary Community Assessment Tool (pdf)
Empathy is and Essential Leadership Skill (pdf)
Handling Change in YOUR Rotary Club (doc)
Outline of Transformative Leadership (doc)
Rotary Learning Center - Leading Change (doc)
SWAT Exercise (doc)
Rotary Strategic Planning Guide (pdf)

January 5, 2021 ZOOM

How to Run YOUR Meetings & How to Run YOUR Club (ppt)
ZOOM link -
Example of an ACTION RY calendar to develop (pdf)
WHY incorporate your club (doc)
Rotary Club FACT SHEET - IRS (pdf)
VA State Corporation Commission ABC (doc)
Please note to review the related section of Chapter 2 in Rotary Code of Policies & Procedures - 09/2020 edition (pdf)
Effective Board Meeting Minutes (pdf)
Diligent Taking of Minutes (pdf)
Infographic TIPS on Minutes (pdf)

SAMPLE Rotary Club Minutes (doc)
Sample Bord Agendas (pdf)
Suggested sample ROTARY CLUB Board agenda (doc)
Rotary Dues Process (doc)
5 Fundamental Steps to Create Operating Manuals (doc)
Infographic Effective & Interesting Rotary Meetings (pdf)
Tips on Effective Meetings (doc)
Example of exciting newsletter format & basic information on Rotary Works (pdf)

January 19th Zoom – Membership

Slide Deck of PP of presentation (ppt)
Zoom Link of the presentation -
Rotary Guide to Satellite Clubs (pdf)
Rotary Satellite Club FAQ (pdf)
District 77750 Successful Membership events (pdf)
Example of Satellite Club brochure (pdf)
Caused-based Rotary Clubs (pdf)
Rotary Survey Questions #1 (doc)
Rotary Member Survey Questions #2 (pdf)
Rotary District 7710 Club Development (pdf)
Engaging Rotary Voices (pdf)
Mobilizing Members (pdf)

Taking Business Concepts into Rotary
Community Brand & Member Wants (pdf)
How to Surprise & Delight in Virtual Ways (pdf)
Membership Onboarding (pdf)
Three Ways Virtual Networking (pdf)

February 2 Zoom Meeting - Public Image

Slide Deck of PP of presentation (ppt)
Zoom link of presentation -
Rotary Theme Calendar (doc)
Zone 33 Sample PI Plan Guide (doc)
District PI Seminar Guide (pdf)
To Innovate Take Action (pdf)
Rotary Club President Resource Page (doc)
Organizational Meetings for New/Renewal of Current Club (pdf)
Presidential ASK - Intentional Membership Goals (pdf)
Committee Worksheet (doc)
CHAPTER 3 Basics of Public Relations (pdf)

2019 District Training Assembly (DTA) and District Team Training Seminar (DTTS)

DTA and DTTS Agendas 2019 (doc)
DAVIDSON--2019 DTTS Foundation Chairs Breakout (ppt)
Foundation Basics__ 2019 DTA-ver32 (ppt)

2019 PETS

New Generations/Youth Service Programs

2019 Pre-PETS and AG Training

AG Training 2019 Agenda (doc)
Pre-PETS 2019 Agenda (doc)
Foundation Basics 2019 Pre-PETS (ppt)
Rotary AG Training Membership Presentation (ppt)
Rotary P-PETS Membership Presentation 2019 (ppt)

Linking Pieces of Peace 2018

Linking Pieces of Peace Agenda (pdf)
Linking Pieces of Peace Conference_Oct 27 2018_PPT Presentation (pdf)

District Training Assembly (DTA) 2018

PETS 2018 Youth Programs (pdf)
Youth program dates 2018-2019 (pdf)

CAWLEY DTA DTTS Foundation Update 2018 (ppt)
CAWLEY DTTS AFA Foundation 2018 (ppt)
DaCdb_Handout_QuickStart (pdf)
DAVIDSON--2018 DTTS Foundation Chairs Breakout (ppt)
Grants Management Seminar 2018 (ppt)
Mobile_Instructions (pdf)
Rotary DTA Membership Presentation (ppt)
Rotary DTTS Membership Presentation (ppt)
Rotary DTTS_DTA Membership Goals Presentation (ppt)

PETS 2018

PETS 2018 Youth Programs (pdf)
Sales, Marketing, Public Image, and Membership (ppt)

Pre-PETS 2018

Running Your Club/Planning Your Year

Pre-PETS Running Your Club outline (doc)
On-line tools (pdf)
PE Scavenger Hunt (doc)
Rotary Acroymns (doc)
Goal Organization model (doc)
Attributes of the meetings (doc)

Membership and Public Image Summit 2017

Membership and Public Image Summit (pdf)


ANDERSON - TRF Annual Giving Brief(16-Sep-2017)Final (pdf)
ANDERSON -TRF Technology Brief(16-Sep-2017)(w_Screen shots) (pdf)
BAKER Foundation Basics 2017 (ppt)
CAWLEY Opening Foundation Update 2017 (ppt)
CAWLEY Overview of District Foundation Spending 2017 (1) (ppt)
DAVIDSON Available Foundation Report Information DAVIDSON Handout 2017 (pdf)
DAVIDSON Beyond Foundation Basics--Turning Hard into Easy - 2017 (ppt)
HAAS DFS Peacebuilder Pres 9.16.17 2 (ppt)
HAAS Peace Fellowship PPT 2 (ppt)
HUSSAR Global Grant Scholarships (ppt)
HUSSAR Scholarship Guide for Rotarians 2018-2019 (doc)
JANSEN Rotary District Training - SWA and GG 1745831 - Slides - 9-16-17 (ppt)
NEWGEN Youth Peacebuilder Program (ppt)
WADE CHURCH D7610 Global Grant Workshop Basics 09 16 2017 final (ppt)
WADE CHURCH D7610 Global Grant Workshop Examples 09 16 2017 final (ppt)
WADE CHURCH D7610 Global Grant Workshop In Depth 09 16 2017 final (ppt)

Evanston Visit 2017

Data Integration (pdf)

District Training Assembly (DTA) 2017

Opening Session
D7610 DTA 2017 program agendafinal (doc)
Governor's Citation Application 2017-18 ver 12 (pdf)
President citation 2017-18 (pdf)
Riseley theme speech DTA (pdf)

Annual Fund/Rotary Foundation Giving
TRF Annual Giving DTA Brief (pdf)

Foundation -- Beyond the Basics
CAWLEYFoundationBasics2017 (ppt)
DAVIDSON--Foundation-Beyond the Basics--2017 DTA (ppt)
Available Foundation Report Information (pdf)

Grants Management
Grant Management Seminar May 2017 (ppt)
D7610 Global Grant Workshop 05 06 2017 (ppt)

Membership and PI Discussions
Rotary DTA Membership and PI Discussions (pdf)
Stakeholder Analysis 5-11 (ppt)

Peacebuilding Initiatives
DTS New Gen Pres 5.6.17 (pdf)
DTS Peacebuilder Pres 5.6.17 (ppt)

Rotary Scholarships
Global Scholarship Grants 2017-18 (ppt)

Rotary Technology Basics
Club new member scanveger hunt (doc)
DTA 2017 Tech session (doc)
On-line tools chart1&2 (doc)

Secretary's Session
1. Read Me First (doc)
DTA2017-Secretarys session (ppt)
Bd minutes template (doc)
Club Assembly Minutes (doc)
Club Meeting Minutes (doc)
Monthly Attendance template (xls)
On-line tools chart1&2 (pdf)
DTA 2017 Secretary's Tech (doc)

Successful Board Meetings
100 Rotary Club Ideas (pdf)
Robert Rules for Board Meeting (pdf)

Using Club Assessment Tools
_2017-05-06 Using Club Assessment Tools (doc)

District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) 2017

CAWLEY DTTS AFA Foundation 2017 (ppt)
DAVIDSON--2017 DTTS Foundation Chairs Breakout (ppt)

Rotary Peacebuilder Conference

NewGen 10 Step Planning Tool for Rotarians
D7610 Peacebuilder Agenda FINAL (doc)
March 18 NewGen Conference NEWSLETTER (doc)
NewGen Peacebuilders_Info Slides for District 7610_Final_January 28 2017 (ppt)
Peace Builder program March 18 (pub)
Peace program FINAL (pdf)

Assistant Governors' Seminar 2017

AG Job Description (doc)
AG Seminar program 2017 final (doc)
AG topics for PEs at PETS 2017 (doc)
AGs Manual 2017 (pdf)
Strategic_planning_guide_en (doc)

Chesapeake Presidents-Elect Training Seminar 2017

General Information
Cominng soon!

The Rotary Foundation
Foundation for Club Presidents 2017 (ppt)

Rotary PETS Handouts for Presidents Elect (pdf)

New Generations
2017 PETS Youth New Gen (pdf)
AGs 2017 letter YP policy imp and training (doc)
Prez 2017 letter YP policy imp and training (doc)
Youth program dates 2017 (doc)

President NOMINEE Academy at PETS
President Nominee Academy (ppt)

Pre-PETS 2016

Organize for success (ppt)
Pres as CEO2 (ppt)

Pre-PETS 2016 agenda FINAL10-22-15 (doc)
Attributes of the Meetings (doc)
Club Membership Goal Form 2017-18 (doc)
Club Organizational Model template (doc)
Foundation Goals Form 2017-18-Copy 2 (pdf)
how_to_add_club_officer_en (pdf)
On-line tools chart#1&2 (pdf)
PE scavenger hunt (doc)
Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs 862en (doc)
Rotary Acronyms (doc)
Rotary tech solutions (doc)

Foundation Seminar 2016

2016 COL Essential Changes for Clubs and Districts_EN (doc)
201606-GENERAL CENTENNIAL 8.15.16 (ppt)
ANDERSON - TRF Annual Giving Brief(22-Sep-2016) (ppt)
ANDERSON -TRF Technology Brief(17-Sep-2016) (ppt)
CAWLEY 2016 Becoming A Peacebuilder Club (ppt)
CAWLEY Opening Foundation Update 2016 (ppt)
D7610 Presentation Membership (ppt)
DAVIDSON TRF100_ideasEN (pdf)
DAVIDSON--Beyond the Basics--2016 Foundation Seminar (ppt)
DAVIDSON--TRF Centennial--2016 Foundation Seminar (ppt)
FOLEY District Grants 2016 (doc)
How To Create A Global Rewards Offer_EN (pdf)
How To Find Deals in Global Rewards_EN (pdf)
HUSSAR Global Scholarship Grants 2016 (ppt)
JACOBS PolioPlus 2016 (ppt)
WADE GG Presentation Fburg 09 17 2016 (pdf)
WOOD TRF Basics-9.14.16 (ppt)

All RI Training Evanston 2016

7610 Peace Fellowships (pdf)
Rotary Global Rewards Overview-D7610 (ppt)
Rotary Grants Presentation August 2016 (pdf)
Updated Banner Recognition (pdf)
Updated Banner Recognition (ppt)

Rotary Club Central

Rotary Club Central Club Reference Guide (pdf)
RC Central Training for Clubs_2014_EN (ppt)

District Training Assembly (DTA) 2016

Anderson - Annual Giving
TRF Annual Giving

B. Cawley - Club Secretary's Session
Club Secretary Session
Club Secretary's Manual

Read Me First (pdf)
Board Minutes Template (word)
Club Assembly Minutes Template (word)
Club Minutes Template (word)
Monthly Attendance Template (excel)

B. Cawley - Technology Tools
Club New Member Scanveger Hunt (word)
Rotary Technology Tools for Doing Business On-line

Corbett - Understanding Social Media
Social Media Explained

Davidson - Celebrating the Foundation's 100th Anniversary
The Centennial: Celebrating TRF’s 100th Anniversary

J. Cawley-Becoming A Peace Builder Club
Becoming A Peacebuilder Club
Peace Initiative 2016 Checklist

Maddox - Youth Programs
Interact Faculty Advisor Guide
Interact Flyer
New Generations Programs
Rotary Youth Service New Generation
RYLA Camp Organization
YE Club Involvement - Background Information
Youth Program Dates 2016
Youth Protection Policy Club Implementation

Wade - Global Grants
Global Grant Application Presentation

White - Grants Management Seminar
Areas of Focus Policy Statements
Club Memorandum of Understanding
Code of Policies
D7610 Addendum to Club MOU 2016-17
Grants Qualification Seminar
Guide to Global Grants
Rotary Grants Terms Conditions

District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) 2016

The Rotary Foundation: Things AFAs Need to Know (pdf) - PDG Juanita Cawley
Foundation Chairs & Assistants: 10 Critical Points (pdf) - PDG Chuck Davidson

President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) 2016

The Rotary Foundation: Top 10 Things You Need to Know (pdf) - PDG Juanita Cawley

2015 Foundation Seminar on September 12, 2015

Foundation Seminar 2015 Agenda
Opening Foundation Update 2015 (pdf)
Opening Foundation Update 2015 with notes (ppt)

Foundation Basics 2015
Foundation Basics 2015 (pdf)
Foundation Basics 2015 with notes (ppt)
TRF Briefing (pdf)
PHS Presentation (pdf)
PHS Presentation with notes (ppt)

Beyond the Basics 2015
Beyond the Basics--2015 Foundation Seminar (pdf)

Global Grants
Global Grant application presentation (pdf)
Global Grant application presentation with notes (ppt)
Six steps to sustainability
Community Assessment Tools (A resource for Rotary projects)
Areas of Focus Policy Statements
Club qualification mou faq
Club qualification mou worksheet
GG Handouts List

Global Scholarship Grants
LUQUIRE Global Scholarship Grants

District Team Training Seminar (DTTS), April 18, 2015

District Training Assembly (DTA), May 2, 2015

DAVIDSON-CAWLEY--2015 DTA Foundation Brief
DTS Qual 2015
Secretary Training, DTA/Ed Robertson and Nelda Mohr
Treasurer Training, DTA/Dave Mercer and Carol Foley

President-elect Training Seminar (PETS) 2015

Are We Who We Say We Are? Led by Bill Cawley
2015-16 District Priorities - DGE Janet Brown

Pre-PETS 2015

Agenda for Pre-PETS
DACdb - Mark Landemann
Goal Setting/Club Leadership Plan - Bill Cawley
Membership Goal Form 2015-16
Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs 2015
Rotary Foundation 2015-16 Goal Form
SUCCESS -- Mannix

Club Leadership Training Seminar(CLTS) 2013-2014

President Breakout Materials
CLTS Youth Protection Policy.2013.ppt

Secretary-Treasurer Breakout Materials
2013 CLTS Secy-Treas Slides.ppt

Membership & Public Image Breakout Materials
Fredericksburg Seminar Template 2013.ppt
District 7610 Membership Presentation FINAL.pptx
D7610 Membership Strategic Plan.pdf

Foundation Breakout Materials
CLTS Foundation Breakout Slides.ppt