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Young Students Lead the Charge Against Digital Violence: Donation Call to Action

Jun 13, 2024 | Alexandria Central, Club News


On May 31, 2024, Alexandria City High School students took a stand for digital safety by hosting an online Digital Awareness Festival. The event featured presenters from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN Human Rights), student testimonials, and representatives from the Rotary Club of Alexandria Central, Rotaract Club of North Carolina Wesleyan University, technology companies, and the FBI.

You can view the Zoom recording:  https://zoom.us/rec/share/cRbywviGbqMTlqri5gY2nmkgadcW0dTKDh0sIfy2UCjGQ3gLhvn5xLgUVztSSNWS.ZIxA5R9tVcBoQDU8     Passcode: TdnCD*0f

Picture description: Delina Tesfaye, Co-President of the Interact Club hosting the Digital Awareness Festival online with her project team on May 31, 2024.

Student-Led Digital Safety Project

Inspired by their sponsor Rotary Club of Alexandria Central, Alexandria City High School students co-designed a Digital Safety Project. This project addresses the needs they identified and aims to raise awareness about digital safety. The students are now seeking donations to implement the project and further the movement. Please support our goal of raising awareness and driving advocacy to end Digital Violence by donating today! alexcentralrotary.org/digital-safety.php


Shared Goals and Expanding Advocacy

United by the goal of promoting “peacebuilding and mental health nexus” for young people, the Rotary Club of Alexandria Central has taken several steps:

  1. Supported the Interact Club of Alexandria City High School in co-designing the Digital Safety Project.
  2. Established a partnership with a Rotaract Representative of District 7720 and the United Nations Association – National Capital Area.
  3. Empowering Young Ambassadors: The Rotary Club also mentored and sponsored students participation in the UNA-USA’s Leadership Summit. Students attend 2-day sessions on strategic advocacy and join in-person Capitol Hill meetings on June 4, 2024, where they will have the opportunity to lobby Members of Congress on the issue of ending digital violence and beyond.


Quote from the young student co-leader of the project.

The 9th grader at WLA (Washington Leadership Academy Public Charter School) Delina Tesfaye, Co-President of the Interact Club said, “Digital violence is violence. Young students have the right to feel safe in all spaces, wherever they are!

This past summer in 2023, Delina Tesfaye encountered a disturbing incident where an imposter, using her ACPS (Alexandria City Public School) email, falsely offered her a job as a Brand Representative for Global Giving. After she provided her details, it became clear that this was a fraudulent scheme, starkly highlighting the urgent need for digital safety.

She added, “A virtual world free of violence is possible, but it requires all of us to make this more than just a hope—it must be a reality. As future leaders and current young students, we must advocate for this change. Technology companies must be held accountable for the safety of their users, particularly young girls and boys. Lawmakers and law enforcement must recognize the pervasive nature of digital violence and do more to address the needs of young students. Together, we can build an internet that is safe for everyone.


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Fitsum Habtemariam, President, Rotary Club of Alexandria Central

E-mail: Tesfaye.fitsum@gmail.com, Mobile: +12025052057, Website: https://alexcentralrotary.org/