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Tell Rotary’s Story

Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines for Rotarians

Tell Rotary's Story - Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines for Rotarians

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Promoting Rotary

Putting Rotary in the public eye  involves more than just writing press releases and maintaining contact with local media. Rotary International provides preproduced public service announcements and encourages all clubs to localize these materials for use in their communities.

Special events and other outlets

Rotarians in France celebrated a national Rotary awareness day by sponsoring a movie premiere that raised money for brain research and promoted Rotary at the same time.

Other promotional outlets include:


  • Cable and public-access television
  • Billboards, posters, and signs
  • Newspaper supplements
  • Club brochures
  • Presentations and speeches


Beyond traditional media

Promoting Rotary in the 21st century means moving beyond traditional media. New technology hasn’t made press releases obsolete, but it has added to the arsenal of media tools.

Blogs and podcasts

Blogs are online journals that can include text, audio, video, and images. When the December 2004 tsunami hit Sri Lanka, the Rotary Club of Colombo Regency used a blog to collect donations and help coordinate relief efforts.

A podcast is a digital audio file distributed over the Internet, usually through a subscription-based service.

Other new media tools include electronic press releases, distributed through e-mail, and uploaded videos. More than 50 video uploading and sharing sites allow you to publicize your Rotary efforts on the Web.

Social Networking

Rotarians help provide service through fellowship, and social networking is one of the many ways Rotarians are connecting online. Visit Rotary International's official social networking pages and join the conversation.


Connect with Rotary on Facebook




See who some of the thousands of fans are on RI's official Facebook page. You'll find links to RI news stories and videos as well as comments and discussions.
  • End Polio Now
    Join The Rotary Foundation of RI's End Polio Now cause page on Facebook. You can make a donation to support polio eradication, invite others to be a part of the cause, and keep track of how many people you've recruited.


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Follow Rotary tweets on Twitter




Use this microblogging site to keep in touch and up-to-date with other Rotarians and friends of Rotarians.

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Join Rotary's Network on LinkedIn



Network with other Rotarians and friends of Rotary, and see who they're connected to. LinkedIn is a professionally oriented social network that can help you share your knowledge and expertise.

RI LinkedIn groups include the following:



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Watch Rotary videos at YouTube




Rotary International has its own channel on YouTube that offers video content to those interested in Rotary. The YouTube channel supplements video on Rotary's Web site by providing Rotarians the means of embedding video onto their own sites.

Learn more about YouTube

Note: These social networking sites are not owned by District 7610 or Rotary International, and RI and the district are not responsible for the comments of others on these sites. To participate, you must join each of the social networks individually. 

On social networking sites, there are several pages titled "Rotary" that are not affiliated with Rotary International or The Rotary Foundation. Only the pages or groups in which RI officially participates are listed here.



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