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Facts of the Matter: Water
Fast Facts about the Environment
Three Steps to an Ecofriendly Club Meeting
Ideas for Club Earth Day Celebrations

Environmental Protection

Take Action - Learn more about programs that offer volunteer opportunities to protect the environment.

At Home - Tips for home safety, avoiding potential risks, and preventing pollution by recycling and conserving water and energy.

At Work – Information about preventing pollution in your workplace, and raising awareness of health and safety issues.

While Shopping – Find helpful information on how to choose makes and models that will reduce pollution save energy and money.

In Your Community – Learn how to protect your neighborhood’s natural resources, and get information on air and water quality in your community.

On the Road – Consumer information about the environmental impacts of transportation plus tips on cleaner cars, saving gas and improving mileage, boating pollution prevention tips, and more.

Think Globally – Learn about environmental issues that impact our world.

Act Locally – Learn about programs, opportunities, and tools to help you get involved and make a difference in your community.

* Suggestions for Concerned Citizens from the United States Environmental Protection Agency