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Rotary District 7610 which supports 56 Rotary Clubs in Northern Virginia began on October 19, 2020 to accept applications for the 2021-2022 Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) year. There are two types of exchanges. Long-Term Student Exchanges involve living abroad and completing a year of High School in a host country, while the Short-Term Student Exchanges can be several days to several months long and are conducted during summer school breaks. This year, applications for exchanges must be completed by February 1, 2021 and students can expect to be notified of their country assignments by March 1, 2021. During the period of time when the students are selected for the program and when they depart to their host country, District 7610 Rotary Youth Exchange Staff will support students and families to complete their applications and provide training and orientation.

2021-2022 Schedule for RYE Applicant Processing:

October 19, 2020: 2021-2022 Application Process Begins
December 15, 2020: Initial $150 Application Fee Due
December 19, 2020: Applicants District Interviews
February 1, 2021: Applications Finalized and Submitted
March 1, 2021: Notifications of Host Country Assignments
March 1, 2021: Final $350 Application Fee Due
March - August 2021: District Training and Orientation
Late August 2021: Exchange Students Depart for Host Countries

Prospective Outbound Youth Exchange Students should view the attached links and continue to visit this site as it will be updated periodically with current information. Additionally, should you have specific questions, please contact Phil Rusciolelli, Youth Exchange Vice Chair or Mykelle Laws, Youth Exchange Outbound Coordinator:

Phil Rusciolelli

Mykelle Laws

703-431-3859 (C)

540-729-3262 (C)

Participating in a youth exchange is one of the most meaningful and inspiring activities a club can take on. Please let a member of the District Youth Exchange Committee know if you are interested in sponsoring a student on an Outbound Exchange or hosting a student from another country on an Inbound Exchange. Contact information for Rotarians on the District Youth Exchange Committee follows:

Jim Holcombe - Chair, Baileys Crossroads -
Phil Rusciolelli - Vice Chair, Leesburg -
Mykelle Laws - Outbound Coordinator, 7610 E-Club -
Verne Tuininga - Short Term Coordinator, Fairfax -
Donna Flory - Inbound Coordinator, Gainesville-Haymarket -
Brett Voeltz - Member at Large, Herndon -
Donna Philips - Youth Protection Officer, 7610 E-Club -

Info for Students and Families who are curious about or interested in a Rotary International Youth Exchange Opportunity

Youth Exchange FAQs, info. And testimonials:

Become a Rotary Youth Exchange Student? Check out the information on the Eastern States Student Exchange (ESSEX) website! This organization supports our District 7610 exchanges

This website also contains links to the application forms and other detailed information for both students and families considering a Rotary Youth Exchange.

An additional link to the ESSEX website.

Testimonial Videos of Former Rotary Youth Exchange Students:

Majla Custo: Exchange Student from Bosnia to US

Yoko Sekimoto: First Japanese student (1962) to participate in a Rotary Youth Exchange

Eastern States Youth Exchange Program (ESSEX Student Testimonials)



Info and resources for Rotary Clubs on Rotary International Youth Exchanges

The RI Youth Exchange Program website:

RI Youth exchange handbook:

Info for Rotarians Interested in serving as a Youth Exchange Volunteer?

Want to have fun and really make a different in the world and the life of highly motivated, energetic youth people? Be a Youth Exchange Program volunteer!!! Contact Phil Rusciolelli (District 7610 Rotary Youth Exchange Vice Chairman) for information and learn more about opportunities.

Know you want to volunteer?

The US State Department requires that we obtain the information on this form and conduct background checks on all potential volunteers. We assure you that the information that we receive will be treated confidentially, and we thank you for your assistance and understanding.