Scholarship Grants

Scholarship grants (minimum amount $30,000) are available through Global Grants. Fifty percent of the grant comes from District Global DDF funds and the remainder from the World Fund.

Global Grant funds for scholars are subject to the following conditions for eligibility:

  1. The scholar's chosen university is located in an international district
  2. The scholar is seeking a scholarship for graduate-level study
  3. The scholar's area of study and professional goals further one of the Six Areas of Focus

Six Areas of Focus

Peace & conflict prevention/resolution

Disease prevention & treatment

Water & sanitation

Maternal & child health

Basic education & literacy

Economic & community development

In addition:

  • Global grants may fund a scholar for a terms ranging from one to four years, covering tuition, room and board, etc. for the duration of the grant.
  • At the time of application, the scholar must provide a letter of acceptance to his/her chosen university
  • The international sponsor must also identify the host partner at time of application

Global Grant Scholarships Presentation (ppt)
Rotary Global Grant Scholar Application 2019-20 (doc)
Scholarship Guide for Rotarians 2019-20 (doc)

The District maintains a district level application process including both a written application and in-person interviews. The application process for a Global Scholar Grant begins with a club submitting a proposal to the Grants Committee. If approved by the Grants Committee, the club submits a proposal to TRF. Upon receipt of TRF acceptance, the scholar submits a grant application. Both the proposal and application submission are completed on-line.

For additional information or to initiate a district application, contact the District 7610 Scholarship Chairman, Ted W Hussar at