District Photo Gallery

We are very excited to announce the debut of the new photo sharing web site http://www.7610.fototime.com/ to serve Rotary clubs in Rotary District 7610.

The new site will serve as a record of events and activities sponsored by District 7610 and its Rotary clubs. Clubs or members may download or print images for Rotary related use, at no cost. In addition, every time someone orders prints or merchandise from the site, the profits from these sales will go to support the projects of the District. The site offers tee shirts, mugs, calendars, and other cool stuff, imprinted with the images of your choice. These would make great speaker or visitor gifts.

The site allows for sub directories, so we can have an album for each club, with sub albums showing that club's activities and events. We should also be able to add links to other websites as well. If a club has a page dedicated to publicizing an event, we can post pictures on the District site, with a link to the club site or publication.

Anyone wishing to have their club photos published should send them via email, or on a disk via mail. Photos should be in small jpg format, but high enough resolution to produce quality prints. Images sized to 4x6 inches at 300dpi, would be ideal. They could be smaller, but this size allows for decent quality prints up to 12x14 inches.

Anyone wishing to have their club photos published should send them via email to Dave Mercer. or contact Dave for mailing directions. The images should be compressed into a zip file to allow for easier downloading and mailing. Please include the photographer's name(s) so we can give them credit. Photographers should also understand that publishing their photos here, makes them public domain and usable by almost anyone. We therefore ask that you get written permission from the photographers before submitting their pictures.

Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated. Should you have any questions, or need help in transmitting your club photos, contact Dave Mercer by email or call him at 703-795-9229.


New Photo Gallery