Packaged Global Grants

Packaged global grants offer a variety of sustainable projects and activities designed by The Rotary Foundation that incorporate best practices in the fields of education and international development, as well as best practices developed by Rotarians.

Packaged global grants may include collaborations with non-Rotary strategic partners, Rotary-affiliated entities such as Rotarian Action Groups, or Rotarians in the field. These projects and activities support the Six Areas of Focus and can include scholarships, humanitarian projects, and vocational training.

Six Areas of Focus

Peace & conflict prevention/resolution

Disease prevention & treatment

Water & sanitation

Maternal & child health

Basic education & literacy

Economic & community development

Because the initial work of designing the project and find a cooperating organization has already been done, Rotarians can focus their talents and energies on implementing these projects and activities. Rotarians must actively participate in global grants, but the nature of participation may vary from grant to grant and could include:

  • Providing technical expertise or direct service
  • Promoting and publicizing the project
  • Identifying project beneficiaries

The requirements for international partnership between project sponsors will vary, depending on the project's or activity's needs and objectives.

The Rotary Foundation is currently developing packaged global grants and will notify Rotarians as they become available. Because this is a new process, the Foundation will start with a few packaged global grants and steadily increase the number of grants. This process will develop over time and will not be immediately available.