Grants Programs

There are two primary type grants under the Foundation Structure - District Grants and Global Grants. In order to create the most good with The Rotary Foundation funds, there is an emphasis on Six Areas of Focus.

Six Areas of Focus

Peace & conflict prevention/resolution

Disease prevention & treatment

Water & sanitation

Maternal & child health

Basic education & literacy

Economic & community development

Global Grants are required to address at least one of these six areas of focus - also recommended for district grants.

Grants should also demonstrate sustainability (pdf) of the impact of the project once the Rotarian involvement is complete.

Global Grants require the use of Community Assessment Tools (pdf). Click here for more information about a resource for Rotary projects.

All grant-funded activity follows eligibility requirements in the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants (pdf)

The grant structure is designed to allow clubs and districts more flexibility in creating grants that will further the mission of The Rotary Foundation within the areas of focus. The publication, A Guide to Global Grants (pdf), will assist in applying for grants.

Clubs must become qualified to be eligible to receive District and/or Global Grants.