Fellowship and Attendance

While there are certain responsibilities that come with membership in Rotary, there also are several benefits. One of the many benefits of Rotary Club membership is being able to travel the world and never miss the fellowship of a weekly meeting. Club members are welcome and encouraged to visit clubs while traveling to make-up the meeting missed back home.

Rotary International provides an online club locator service to locate clubs and meeting times and places worldwide. Rotary District 7610 also maintains a list of club meeting times and places on this web site, under the “Clubs” navigation link.But Rotarians often ask what options exist if there is not a club in the area of travel, or if the member is home but an emergency causes him or her to miss a meeting.One option is to attend a regular meeting of a local Rotaract or Interact club, Rotary Community Corps, or Rotary Fellowship. Attending one of these meetings counts as a make-up.

Another option is to spend time participating in an interactive activity on a Rotary e-club Web site. Rotary International has approved the request for a limited number of clubs to form with virtual or electronic locations. A visit to one of these e-clubs satisfies a club member's make-up requirement. You may “visit” Rotary eClub One through the World Wide Web.

Additionally, members may make-up by attending a meeting of the board of directors of their club, or by attending a District meeting, such as District Conference, District Assembly/Club Leadership Training Seminar, Presidents Elect Training Seminar, Foundation Seminar, Membership Seminar, or District Installation. Attendance at a Rotary International meeting, such as the International Conference, also counts for make-up credit.For extended absences and for good cause, a member may request a leave of absence from the club’s board of directors. Members whose combined age and years in Rotary total 85 or more, referred to as the “Rule of 85,” may request an exemption from attendance from the club’s board of directors.

Each Active Member not on a leave of absence or whose attendance is not excused should attend or make up at least fifty percent of club’s regular meetings in each half of the Rotary year (July 1 to December 31, and January 1 to June 30), of which half must be at the member’s home club’s meetings. Members should avoid missing more than three consecutive absences without a make up. For a make up meeting to count for an absence, a member must attend the make up within 14 days before or 14 days after the missed meeting and report the make up to the club secretary or attendance officer.