District 7610 Membership Grant


Experience has shown that consistent, moderate membership growth is the leading key indicator of an effective, vibrant Rotary club. Growth requires the attraction of new members at a rate exceeding 15% per year, to offset normal, unavoidable attrition despite effective club strategies to maximize retention of existing members. One of the few intentional strategies that's sure to attract members is a regular membership event, sometimes called a "Rotary Information Hour" or "Discover Rotary". Clubs that conduct successful membership events regularly, such as quarterly or monthly, have a consistent flow of new members joining their clubs. One barrier to conducting a program of this type is cost.

Most Rotarians have no problem paying their own way, but who's going to pay for the prospective new members? If you apply for a District Membership Grant and are selected, the District will pay for the prospective new members.

The Membership Grants Program

The District Membership Grant Program works as follows:

  1. Grant Application Process (online form) and Deadline -- Clubs are required to provide a plan for at least two events in the 2018-19 Rotary year consistent with the "Recipe" of known best practices. See , Recipe for a Successful Rotary Membership Event. Experience has demonstrated that more events (monthly?) with fewer prosective members produce more members. The plan should include target dates far enough in the future to allow members time to line up prospects. District Membership Grant Applications must be submitted by August 31, 2018.
  2. For selected Applications, the District will provide a Grant to the club of up to $20 per prospective member attending (not including club members). Each club is required to identify those members and prospective members actually attending and enter the potential members as "Potential Members" in the club's DACdb member database for follow-up and tracking purposes.
  3. Following the event, the club applies for its grant reimbursement, reporting on the outcome and how many actual prospects attended.
  4. The District Membership Chair or designee will receive grant applications, coach and prompt clubs whose applications fall short of the requirements before approval, and also administer payments to those clubs qualifying.