Club Leadership Plan

Rotarians can make their club more vibrant and engaging by developing a club leadership plan that includes the best practices of effective Rotary clubs. For your club leadership plan , consider adapting these best practices in ways that work for your club:

  • Developing long-range goals or a strategic plan that addresses the elements of an effective club
  • Convening regular club assemblies
  • Maintaining open lines of communication
  • Involving all club members
  • Ensuring continuity in leadership
  • Amending bylaws to reflect current club practices
  • Providing opportunities for networking and socializing
  • Offering regular, consistent training
  • Assigning committees that support your club’s needs

  • Resources

  • Be a Vibrant Club: Your Club Leadership Plan (PDF) (also available in Microsoft Word)
  • Publication that challenges clubs to evaluate current practices and try new, innovative ideas

  • Club Leadership Plan 2015 (pdf)
  • Slides and speaker notes to introduce the best practices for a vibrant club

    Resources for running a club

  • President and president-elect resources
  • Club assessment resources
  • Membership resources
  • Rotary club committee resources